Patriarch Militant Officers

Department Council of Atlantic Northeast


2019 - 2020

Col. Royce D. Gordon, Sr.

12 Appletree Lane

Daileyville, ME  04694

207 427-3801

Department Commander

Francis Latanawich

Vice President


Adjutant                                  Capt. Doreen Slaney

Quarter Master                       Gen. (R) George L. Glover, III, 


Officer of the Day                  Gen Donald McLaren

Officer of the Guard              Brig. Gen. Marshal Kalin

Inspection Officer                 Col. Alan Stein

Judge Advocate                    Gen. Edward Carroll


Picket                                     Capt. (R) Ronald A. Pynn, Sr.

Officer of Equipment            Gen. (R) George E. Shaw

Bannerette                             Capt. Gerald Gilmore, Jr.

Banner Bearer American      

Banner Bearer Canadian      Capt. (R) Arthur Burkard

Aide to the President   

First Aid Officer                     Maj. Frank Gayton

Aide to the Gen. Comm.       Gen Donald McLaren

1st Battalion Commander    Maj. Frank Gayton

2nd Battalion Commander    Lt. Col. (R) Nelson Doyle

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