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Scholarship General Instructions



1.  Applicant must use the current official Odd Fellows form which must be dated and signed by the Student, parent(s) or guardian(s) and lodge official(s) where applicable. All applications and statements are required to be signed. Typewritten applications are preferred or must be legibly handwritten.


2.  Application and all supporting documents must be in English.


3.  Official transcript of the student’s records must be submitted. Records may be photocopies that bear an original signature of the proper authority.


4.  The applicant shall prepare an essay of 250 words or less on the following topic:


“How has remote learning affected your education experience and social interaction


This must be typed, and enclosed with all supporting materials

Application will be disqualified if essay is not included..


5.  A current dated and signed recommendation; Limited to 150 words or less, from the Principal or Counselor in authority and one teacher at the school the applicant is currently attending is required. Each recommendation must be enclosed in a sealed envelope, signed over the seal and returned to the student for enclosure in the scholarship packet.


6.  Include one letter of endorsement from a responsible community (NON-SCHOOL) person. This person should not be related to the applicant but can be a business person, minister or civic leader. The person should be capable of reporting the applicant’s participation in the community in terms of work service, leadership, notable skills and outstanding recognition. Do not refer to school accomplishments. This should be enclosed in a sealed envelope, signed over the seal and returned to the student for enclosure in the scholarship packet.


7.  All parts of the application (application, essay, principal/counselor’s statement, teacher’s statement non-school endorsement and official transcript) must be enclosed in one packet and must be returned to the Grand Secretary at the Grand Lodge office (before the February 1st deadline).Please allow ample mail delivery time! It is the responsibility of the applicant to consolidate all materials in one packet.


8.  Applicant must be a resident of Rhode Island /Massachusetts and their sponsor must be a member of an Odd Fellows Lodge in the jurisdiction of Rhode Island.


9.  Only those chosen to receive awards will be notified by the end of March and will be requested to attend our Annual Scarlet Dinner at the Wyndham Newport Hotel, 240 Aquidneck Ave., Middletown Rhode Island at 6:00 PM, when the Scholarships will be handed out.


10.  Applicant must have a letter from their Lodge or the Lodge of their Sponsor verifying that they or their sponsor are a member in good standing and shall bear the seal of the Lodge.


11.  Any one wishing a list of recipients must enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.

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